MyTime Scheduler Review

With the world as fast paced as it is now, not a day goes by that people don’t need to plan ahead for things. With having to work and provide for themselves or their families, individuals can sometimes lose track of time and forget to schedule out of the house activities at local businesses. The MyTime Scheduler has managed to condense a database of over 2 million legitimate businesses into a handy website and app for the modern day person. With just a few clicks and a little bit of information, MyTime can schedule haircuts, appointments, oil changes and a generous list of other tasks. You’ll never have to worry about overly extended phone conversations with a disgruntled employee who couldn’t care less about finding you an appointment. MyTime Scheduler lets users schedule the desired appointments from anywhere at anytime. Since the program is online, if you remember that you have to schedule a haircut at 2 am, you’ll never have to wait until the salon is open to book your appointment. MyTime Scheduler is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MyTime’s goal is to make scheduling appointments as effortless as possible. Within the app, you can: search for local businesses in different categories, see reviews, or select an establishment that you’ve already visited. Options that you would’ve had to decide over the phone can be made right in the app. MyTime can keep your payment information on file; this allows for users to be billed automatically as well as have their recurring appointments made automatically.

MyTime isn’t the first scheduling app, but it is by far the best. Bigger competitors like MindBody, Booker, and StyleSeat are funded by millions of dollars and are backed by a combined million of clients and professionals. MyTime knows the fight they’re up against and has plans to take out the competition. By offering businesses free data transition options and extra features, MyTime is hoping to persuade them to switch. MyTime charges users a 2.69% commission which beats Square’s 2.75%. They didn’t just think about the customers; MyTime only charges proprietors 10 or 20 dollars a month based on their plan. MindBody charges $30 and $60 and Booker $45 and $85. Business owners could easily save anywhere from $240-$780 a year just by switching to MyTime. Not only would they be saving hundreds of dollars, but the app is sure to make life easier on the owners, employees, and clients.

Keeping connected in Las Vegas even off the strip

There is so much more to see and do around Las Vegas than just hitting up the Strip. Beyond this, did you know that The Strip isn’t actually located in the city of Las Vegas at all? Technically it is right outside of the city. This is why so many activities are legal on the Strip than what is allowed throughout the rest of the city. However, this is neither here nor there, as many of the great locations around the city are far enough away they are not serviced by traditional cable and Internet service providers. Thankfully though, this does not matter, as the skies are almost always pristine and the weather amazing. Amazing weather means there is a clear sky, allowing you to receive a clean, uninterrupted satellite signal. While many people think of satellite for television services, it is possible to receive an Internet signal with the help of Las Vegas HughesNet Internet as well.

If you live in one of the more remote locations around Las Vegas, you’ve probably called all of the major service providers to see if they can get Internet out to your home. Of course, you probably hear the exact same response as well every single time, which is they would love to help you out, but the fact of the matter is with so few other individuals living in the area, it just doesn’t make financial sense for them to install all the necessary fiber optics and cabling to reach your home (while they might not say it in this exact phrase, it is more or less the basic story they are going to give you).

Now, opting into dial up really isn’t much of an option either. In fact, it makes more sense just to drive into down and set up shop in one of the local coffee shops instead of pulling your hair out as you wait for a single page to load with dial up. The Internet is just not designed for a slow Internet connection any longer. The Las Vegas HughesNet Internet connection service runs off of satellite, so you do not need to have set equipment hooked up and run to your home from the main network. All you need is the dish and you are ready to go. So stop dealing with dial up and hook up to HughesNet.

Best Beer Festivals in US

What comes to mind when you imagine a beer festival?

Impossibly cleavaged women in German dirndl dresses lugging around oversized and overflowing mugs of golden Bavarian ale? Men in checkered shirts and lederhosen clicking together the heels of their curly toed shoes? While the Oktoberfest tradition still carries on in some places in the United States, a new kind of celebration of the “golden nectar of the gods” is gaining popularity. One that is inhabited by men and women in a new kind of costume. Youthful figures in skinny jeans, handlebar mustaches, and retro looking t-shirts advertising places that never really existed mill about with the collectors glasses they received with the price of admission, looking for the taste of “golden nectar” that is going to be the next big thing. Small time craft brewers gleefully pour their wares, hoping to catch the attention of the masses with their carefully concocted mixture. A local band pours their heart out in a different fashion on the makeshift stage while children frolick about near the bouncy house in the “under 21″ area. No one is frowning, no one is thinking of the presentation they have to make at work next week, no one brought their worries or cares inside the gate. Biker and businessman, hipster and nerd all rub shoulders on equal ground in this place. The tie that binds them is beer and the environment created around their shared love for this ancient beverage is equally as intoxicating.

As they seem to be expanding at a nearly exponential pace, it feels as though one could spend a lifetime on the beer festival circuit in America… and easily consider it a life well lived. From the Lager rich traditions of New England, to the innovative Hefeweizens crafted in the Pacific Northwest, and all of the big drinkable Belgian influenced beers of the Midwest in-between, Americans are enjoying the beauty and diversity of beer like never before. So much so that in 2014, a motion reached the city council in Portland, OR recommending that the city be rechristened “Beervana” as a reflection of the explosion of new breweries there. It was, of course, rejected, but that doesn’t stop citizens from using the nickname with pride as they navigate the 20-plus beer festivals that take place in their hometown annually. Yes, you read that right. 20-plus beer festivals in just one mid-sized city annually. You could go to one per month and barely catch half of them.

If a person had the ability to go on this most joyous adventure, navigating this massive and continually growing beer festival circuit, you might be inclined to ask them, “Which is the best beer festival in the US?”. The answer you might receive from this road tested veteran of hops and barley, while somewhat cryptic, will almost certainly change your life for the better. The best beer festival in the United States is the one nearest you. You don’t need lederhosen or a mustache to attend. Generally speaking, the price of a movie ticket will get you in and get you exposure to something both delicious and delightful, and after a few samplings, regardless of how they may not seem to be your type on the outside, it’s almost impossible not to make a new friend.